Founded in 2014, Impact Vietnam is an advisory firm based in Hanoi and focused on two core businesses: Investment Advisory and Fund Raising. IVN has pioneered a consulting-based approach to private equity investing; partnering closely with management teams and operating at local levels to offer insights and global experiences that challenge conventional thinking, turn around businesses and have a transformative impact on our clients.

Our Values

From our very beginning, Impact Vietnam has held to the proposition that there is a unique way for an advisory firm to create value that is impactful. Our commitment to create long-lasting impact means that we deliver practical and effective solutions to unearth with sustainability, the core values that transform businesses over the long-term. We partner uniquely, aligning our interests with those of our clients and businesses, for transformative impact.
Living our values, we believe that we will create lasting positive impact for not only our investors, clients, teams and businesses but also for the communities in which we live and for generations to follow.

Our Principles

As professionals, we adhere to five guiding principles:
- The client comes first
- Always act with honesty, integrity, and transparency
- Commit to deliver excellence in everything we do
- Quality takes precedence over quantity
- Excellence is fostered by personal accountability and the quest for constant improvement