What we do

M&A, Private equity and IPO

- Conduct due diligence, deal optimization, valuation, and outreach to potential investors
- Consult on business plans
- Determine funding needs
- Develop sales and marketing materials
- Identify funding sources for clients and assist in the negotiation of terms

Corporate governance

- Consulting on corporate policy, action and practices regarding the interest of shareholders and stakeholders.
- Identifying and resolving Board and shareholder issues
- Designing Share- based long term and short term incentive program: options, share grants for executives and employees

Investor relation advisory

- Generate public and investor communications, including corporate and financial information releases
- Establish crisis management protocols
- Develop and maintain analyst coverage
- Create best practices regarding investor relations
- Greenfield investment consulting, including feasibility studies, cost-effective analysis, and financial modeling
- Funding advisory to identify potential funding sources
- Select and structure optimal funding for investment projects

For investors and fund management organizations

- Identify and screen investment opportunities that are best aligned with the client’s investment strategy
- Restructure and liquidate portfolio assets