What we do


- Review and design corporate strategy
- Structure business model and growth plan
- Identify and solve corporate issues
- Create a system for risk management


- Analyze product line, corporate strengths, and marketplace environment
- Perform market research and analysis to provide management teams with essential information for decision-making
- Develop marketing strategy and marketing plan
- Execute strategy and brand promotion


- Analyze revenue growth and cost efficiency
- Review capital expenditures and ROIC optimization
- Optimize working capital structure
- Manage debt restructuring, when necessary
- Identify investment needs and advise on funding sources
- Minimize financial risk from the fluctuation of interest rates, foreign exchange rates, and price volatility


- Help clients achieve operational excellence in terms of manufacturing, logistics, purchasing, capacity adequacy, and customer service
- Identify process vulnerabilities and improve productivity
- Design cost-effective purchasing and delivery systems
- Introduce new technologies
- Identify potential trading partners

With its broad geographic base, Impact Vietnam can assist in connecting trading partners from the European Union, North America, and Asia.


- Advise on optimal organizational structure and human resources strategy
- Implement efficient decision-making processes
- Prepare business succession planning
- Present outsourcing options

Corporate restructuring turn around and work out

- Help companies that have experienced deteriorating performance recover from -
crisis, realize potential, improve ROIC, and regain sustainable growth
- Manage workout and turnaround processes, including planning, implementation, and supervision of restructuring process
- Evaluate and modify business plans
- Establish strategies to address current contracts, negotiate with lenders and stakeholders, and manage insolvency risk
- Advise on optimal debt and equity structure
- Allocation of capital and its deployment
- Assist clients in obtaining competitive financing
- Improve profitability and cash flow, ensure liquidity, effectively manage working capital, and optimize capital account management